magic / experimentation / poetry / INNER TALK, in the belly of the whale

Safnahúsið, Reykjavik, Islande © C. Bouissou

in the belly of the whale

sound installation

sound device, bone
Feeling traversed, transmission beyond language
"Inner talks, in the belly of the whale" osteophonic sound installation*. Transmission of a specific sound piece inside a whale bone by using vibrators. The osteophonic listening is done from bone to bone. To listen to the sound piece, the visitor touches the bone and lets the vibrations pass through him, as if by an inner voice, "inner talk".

*We speak of osteophony when the vibration passes inside the body through the bones.

with the support of
Natural History Museum Reykjavik, Iceland
Safnahúsið Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland

A bone in the landscape
Bones are what remains of beached whales or the remains of hunting. Isolated, white, worn, whale bones raise their formal incongruity in the landscape. Bones are found planted here and there in an ornamental manner, sometimes used as architectural elements, which led French explorers to report that the Icelanders lived in the bellies of whales!
C.Bouissou research extract

Whale bone rib arc - US fish and wildlife service

whale, Jean Certe, 1699

Ce sont les tortues qui portent le monde
L'origine du monde
Im possible