Visit card © C. Bouissou

The correlation between Arts and Sciences is fully integrated in Caroline Bouissou's practice, where creativ approach and theoretical research are interconected. She obtained a Master's degree in Arts with congratulations, at Villa Arson, Nice (FR), with the performer, Eric Duyckaerts as tutor. Later the Agrégation in Arts allowed her to complete her creativ approach with a pedagogical culture by linking creation and transmission.


Of Franco-Spanish culture, Caroline lives between France and Spain where she is developing a project linked to the material and inmaterial heritage of her village, mixing ethnology, mountain skills and creation. It is a long work that she develops and that involves the community through artistic, ethnological and political actions (patrimony classification procedures) improving the strength of art and commitment in an ode to the environment.

She participated in numerous exhibitions in France, Japan, the United States and Europe. In 2017, she joined the multidisciplinary research group AOEE (Université Côte d'Azur), affirming a resolutely multidisciplinary approach that continues today with "Nous avons tous 7 millions d'années" (We all have 7 million years), which focuses on memory and mental images connecting art, archaeology and neuroscience, a research that she calls "neuroarchaeology of images".