group CTELA Centre Transdisciplinaire d’Épistémologie de la Littérature et des arts vivants

University of Côte d'Azur (FR)

Research group joined in 2018

The CTELA is dedicated to the study of literary texts from Antiquity to the present day and develops a reflection on the problems of analysis and interpretation of artistic practices, as they arise in dance, music and theatre. One of the main objectives of the CTELA is to closely link artistic theory and practice. Its research programme is organised around four themes: 

Theme I, Mimesis: literature and representation :

literature, history of theatrical art.

Theme II, Poiéma: genesis and forms of poetic creation:

poetry and performance, avant-gardes.

Theme III, Writings of singularity and otherness:

Literature-arts and migration, displacement, otherness, cultures.

Theme IV, Practices of the living arts:

Arts and creation, dance, music, photography, theatre, living arts and digital.