"Caroline Bouissou is a multidisciplinary artist who questions our relationship with the world through immersive dispositifs in which experimentation and humour play a major role. Aesthetic experiments at the confluence of art history, science and anthropology, these dispositifs take the form of places/installations, objects/sculptures, displacements/performances that invite us to break away from a static relationship in order to question the processes of experience and memory that make, unmake and remake our relationships with images. Installation, photography, sound and performance all share the same intention : to engage the visitor in a creative process. " Carine Michelis, Gallery Le 22


"I am interested in the processes of memory, in the physical way we experience images, how we make them appear and reappear. I am interested in the way they construct us, how they appear and escape us. It is a research that takes shape through different media integrating art/science collaborations as well as the involvement of the public in performative processes. The interconnections and the gradually developed vocabulary mixing science, environment and poetry build this polymorphic work.  C.Bouissou.