dreamed ecology / minerals / ANGULAR CONCORDANCES, MEMORIES

Le 22 © C. Bouissou



variable size projectors, slides, stones
Samples taken from the landscape.

To the slide images, found in the boxes (family archives) are associated stones brought back from places similar to those of the slides. The projected images take on the shapes of the stones and their reliefs and merge into their details, giving substance to the memory.
"A memory is forged as sensations are imprinted in us or are im- posed in a given space. But memory is undulatory, elusive and does not fit into any framework. Of the order of time, it defies space as much as it erodes linearity and edges, as it maltreats any idea of form even if it never stops babbling images. Unfaithful by nature or, to quote the title of a poem by Jules Supervielle, "Forgotten memory", it is open to all fables, it creates myths. It is difficult for a visual artist to take hold of the idea of memory without reducing it to an exploration of the past. Caroline Bouissou plays on a completely different register. Memory is a process of knowledge and recognition that disfigures at the same time as it proposes a hypothesis of new figuration.
Text extract, Michel Gathier, art critic

Video chroniques Centre d'art la Chapelle St Jacques, St Gaudens, France
Paisajes mentales, Espacio pirineos, Graus, Espagne
Plein soleil, Galerie le 22, Nice, France

Chapelle St Jacques © C. Bouissou