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projet de landscape creation  / culture - agriculture

TELA is a reflection on our place in the landscape, a reflection on the future of agriculture and a place for debates, position-taking and art & nature meetings.

Creation on a landscape scale
a long tongue of land at the edge of the forest hosts the TELA project, a project of experiments in direct dialogue with the environment.

In the heart of a Pyrenean mountain village, in the expectation of a future in line with current issues, combining nature and memory, knowledge and heritage. A village currently threatened by the possible construction of a large-scale building complex.

supported by Caroline Bouissou and the association Es Sarnalhèrs

Inaugurated with the Grand Tour 2022
and the Nau Coclea Art Centre, Camallera, Catalonia (ES)

© C. Bouissou

Performance inauguration
Procession behind the flag, link between the two places Nau Coclea and TELA
11 coloured bands corresponding to 11 samples of land between Camallera and Bausen

© C. Bouissou

- Es Sarnalhèrs
- Una rosa ei ua rosa ei ua rosa
- Le plan
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