dreamed ecology / landscape / OBSERVATORY

Jardin du Centre d’art la Villa Arson, Nice © C. Bouissou

Jardin du Centre d’art la Villa Arson, Nice © C. Bouissou


Kinetic sculpture

2m x 2m x 12mm bending angle 90
three discs of diameter: 1,05m/ 0,95m/ 0,70cm with ball bearings
powder-coated metal

A pretext to observe. The regular pattern of the cut-out with its simple geometrical shapes composed of squares, hexagons... becomes more complex as it multiplies and adds up. The motifs are based on classical oriental and western plant abstraction and play with the garden in which it is located and which can be seen through it. Repetition and nature emerge from this geometrical writing cut out of the landscape. The motif on the motif.


Awarded by the city of Cahors and Cahors Juin Jardins
- Garden of the Villa Arson Art Centre, Nice, France
- Garden of the Monastère de Cimiez, Nice, France

Jardin du Monastère de Cimiez, Nice © C. Bouissou

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