magic / experimentation / poetry / SOBRALASOLAS ! radiopera

© C. Bouissou




an invitation from Jérôme Joy

Sobralasolas! is a radio opera conceived as a collection of episodes, between a musical concert, a radio work and a networked device, which combines edited, mixed, composed, improvised and streamed sounds. Participants either placed an open mic in their daily lives to capture, record or stream it live, or recorded their voices describing probable stories from their environment. Gregory Whitehead in Seattle soliloquizes remotely on the most used terms in the media and on the anagrams of the word Sobralasolas, Caroline Bouissou unfolds her dreams that hallucinate our daily impressions, DinahBird tells her yellow sticky thoughts from furtive observations, Kaffe Matthews streams from her home in London all the variations linked to the colour yellow filtering her environment, Björn Eriksson places his open mics live on the Internet in the kitchen of his house in Sollefteå, Sweden. Jérôme Joy records remotely, mixes and arranges the whole with his own microphonic recordings. These protagonists discover themselves to the listeners as they go along in this improbable glossolalia without a script, each one elaborating his or her story as they listen.

- Creative residency, Atelier expérimental, Clans, (FR)
- CD edition, Épisode 1, AVATAR, Quebec, (CA)
- Creative residency, Montevideo, Marseille, (FR)
- Performance, Montevideo, Marseille (FR)
- Art anniversary, Kunst radio Berlin, (DE)
- CD edition, Episode 2, CD edition, Kunst radio Berlin, (DE)

Radiopera with Caroline Bouissou (Caroline) (FR), Dinahbird (Bird)(GB), Björn Eriksson (Miulew)(SW), Jérôme Joy (Jerome)(FR), Kaffe Matthews (Mlle Jaune) (GB), Gregory Whitehead (TêteBlanche) (USA)