dreamed ecology / displacement / TRAVERSÉE, a visit of Performance

© C. Bouissou

TRAVERSÉE, a visit of Performance


Series of 24 digital drawings Canson A3, 24 drawings
Quotations from the history of performance, a history that we go through guided by a female character in a white dress. Or what can a female performer do alone in the mountains?

quotes : Yves Klein, Joseph Beuys, Ana Mendieta, Michel Blanc, Marina Abramovic, Francis Alys, Richard Long,
Philippe Ramette, Roman Signer, Jan Fabre, Gina Pane, Giuseppe Penone...

Paisages mentales, Espacio pirineos, Graus, Spain

Espacio pirineos, Graus, Espagne © C. Bouissou

- La valise, tentative de définition de la performance
Im-possible, dessins de métamorphoses
-  POLLEN, performance et numérique