Sin titulo © C. Bouissou



15 drawings Indian ink, canson paper 40x40cm

Caroline Bouissou's work, "Peijing" allows a reflection on the dimension of the city, macro and micro functional landscape. It is a set of 15 drawings that play with humour with the meeting of "penjing" (Chinese practice of "creating landscapes in pots") with the practice of roundabouts as we know them or "paradoxically inescapable plant staging  press kit HABITUS

It goes without saying that, in the same way, the roundabout does not serve to turn but serves by turning: the functioning of a device is the operation by which it achieves its function. This point of view is undoubtedly relevant, but it needs to be broadened and articulated in terms of the semiotic dimensions of the object and its use. (...) Plants are the ornamental register most frequently used by roundabout decorators, often in combination with various accessories: small constructions, various hydraulic installations, etc. The reason for this predominance may be that it is a more consensual choice than a work of art, or the fact that not all localities have an infinite number of singularities to highlight...
Landscape Shortcuts. Comparative ethnobotany of roundabouts
Jean-Yves Durand, researcher, Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal

HABITUS, Sin titulo Gallery, Mougins, France
Christophe Berdaguer & Marie Péjus*,Caroline Bouissou, Elizabeth Creseveur*,Ibai Hernandorena & ECA architecture

Conference presentation Salagon Museum, ethnobotany meeting

Sin titulo © C. Bouissou