magic / experimentation / poetry / EN SURSAUT waking up

© C. Bouissou

EN SURSAUT waking up

sound pieces

Tapestry: a world of overlapping bedrooms, sliding from one to the other.
A series of short radio plays collected whike waking up

There are flats to rent in turn, I have to leave my place, the alarm clock has rung, I fold piles of sheets. The one who comes after me is already there. At the door, in front, there are lots of people watching. She's in front of them like on a show that the others are applauding. I go outside, she's with me, we walk through the alleys, there's a kind of shop below with tapestries of all colours (...) extract C.Bouissou

UNERHÖRTE RAÜME, kunstalle, Hamburg, Germany
an invitation of Christoph Rothmeier & Klaas Hübner
Anastasia Antonenko, Roberto Arcaute, Caroline Bouissou, Patricia Breves, Paula Carralero, Lysandre Coutu Sauvé, Maria Dabow, Yannick Dauby, Magdalena Emmerig, Lisa Holmgren, Klaas Hübner, Moose Jackson, CHUU, Tadashi Kawaguchi, Gregor Kasper, Hrefna Leifsdottir, Riz Maslen, Nicole Messenlehner, Nikos Metaxas, Sonja Ofen, Sebastian Omatsch, Natalia Orendain, Justin Peake, Svea Pøstges, Christoph Rothmeier, Eva Schmidhuber, Sam Slater, Transstruktura, OU. I. und UL-RICH, Mare Yamazoe, Shingo Yoshida

radio Pireneus (ES/FR)