The center for book arts, Manhattan, New York, US © C. Bouissou

The center for book arts, Manhattan, New York, US © C. Bouissou



6 photographies couleur  42 x 60cm

Recherche de correspondances formelles à l'intérieur d'un système de prise de vue gigogne. Livres ouverts, répétition d'image, flou progressif des premières images, ajout et perte de données... Motifs sur motifs et processus de création qui créé du motif par sa répétition même.

The Internal Machine is inspired by Bruno Munari whose playful illustrated contraptions incorporated everything from snails to abstract shapes to musical notation. At rst glance they might seem to be some strange Italian relative of the diagrammatic shenanigans of Rube Goldberg, but unlike Goldberg whose inventions offered convoluted answers to simple ideas ( y swatter, napkin, back scratcher) Munari posited fantastic solutions to unimaginable absurdities, like “a mechanism to tame alarm clocks; a machine to smell arti cial owers; a lizard-propelled engine for lazy turtles.

The book is a form of machine, and so are we. We take in information through our eyes if we have sight, and our fingers if we do not. As a conveyer of information, books are magical, but only if you understand the language. Babel’s surface is scored by the geometric marks of a book laid open. Its pages are peppered with braille text, inverted as holes instead of raised dots. Scattered about are brass and wire shapes that resemble bits of punctuation, like periods and parentheses. Seen from the side, a thin steel wire runs just above the surface, suggesting the contour of an open book’s profile. Magnets rotating beneath the surface pull the curved parentheses around the landscape of the pages, feeling their way as a finger would, but with a bit of trouble. They experience the braille as letters they fall into, and the open pages as an obstacle course. They drop into holes, they get stuck on the wires. They assemble into packs, break up and regroup. Some make it all the way around, others hit an impasse and wait for the next wave to carry them. They are tripping on words, misunderstanding. Theirs is a confusion of tongues, endlessly confounded.
John Roach

- Internal machine, The center for book arts, Manhattan, New York, États Unis
  sur une invitation de John Roach

- Internal machine, livre  The center for book arts, Manhattan, New York, États Unis

Andras Borocz, Shannon Mattern, Seph Rodney, Doug Deube, Nick Yulman,
Caroline Bouissou, Douglas Paulson,  Mary Ziegler, Ranjit Bhatnagar,
András Böröcz, Gillian Brown, brian Dettmer, Juan Fonative, Arnaldo Morales, Alexander Rosenberg, Claudia Schmitz, Kaethe Wenzel, Benjamin Wright