esthetic ecology / ecocentrism / IM-POSSIBLE

Series of  “Impossible” drawings
pencil and collage
canson paper 21 x 30 cm

A wink to the Belgian artist, my friend Eric Duyckaerts, now deceased. Performances as a genius, a wise…
States of transition, meeting of the possible and the impossible.
Like a rite of passage, a state of transition is defined in chemistry “as a particular configuration corresponding to a maximum energy” the transition is perfectly irreversible it makes the possible happen, change skin, mutate, transform. It brings together the possible and the impossible.

© C. Bouissou

© C. Bouissou © C. Bouissou

– Traversée, une visite de la performance
– Ce sont les tortues qui portent le monde
– La valise, tentative de définition de la performance