esthetic ecology / botany / UA ROSA EI UA ROSA EI UA ROSA – conservatory

created with the support of FRAAP – Traversées
and Es Sarnalhèrs (art – patrimony – ethnology)

Between botany and art, a project in several steps.
an invitation of Es Sarnalhèrs, Val d’Aran (ES)
“Una rosa es una rosa es una rosa” title borrowed from
G. Stein’s poem “Sacred Emily”

Etapa 1 – inventario / inventory
Inventory of all the rosebushes in Bausen, territory of investigation. In the gardens and patios I made a complete inventory of the hundred or so rose bushes (description, location and photo) in the village. The varieties, smells and colors variations from purple to pale pink, from white to dark red, a whole range of different roses and pinks. Wild roses or rosehips, old roses and many decorative rose bushes.

© C. Bouissou
© C. Bouissou

Stage 2 – Final Bouquet
a bouquet composed of all the roses of Bausen

© C. Bouissou

Etapa 3 – 100 roses in 1
From each rose a rose, from the 100 roses a jam
Jam of ALL the roses of the village
performance – sharing 100 roses in 1
© C. Bouissou

© C. Bouissou

Etapa 4 – Divide and multiplicate
Cuttings of roses, old roses lost in gardens, ornamental roses, municipal and private roses…
© C. Bouissou
© C. Bouissou