dreamed ecology / landscape / BOREAL LISTENING CENTRE

© C. Bouissou affiche


Installation for a sound room

air conditioner, thick curtain, sound device
poster cinema 120x160cm

The boreal listening pole, set up in a small room, is the place where the sound piece "The sky jellyfish" was created during a stay in Reykjavik. I decided on complete darkness to allow the imagination to draw a space as vast as a sky.

What we listen to:
Two people, Mauro and Caroline, talk excitedly, try to say, to share their impressions in the face of the implausible.

The sublime in the corner of a corridor
The aurora borealis is sublime. This encounter is translated into exclamatory onomatopoeia, representing the flaws of the language, in this case English, which is not self-evident for any of them. The transmission of such an adventure, in the intimacy of a room so small and so vast at the same time, transformed into a fictitious space for imaginary projections, surely tends towards frustration... but sometimes the jellyfish appears.

Recorded in Iceland
- Désapartement, Nice, France
- ARTS, DRAC Hauts de France
with Cécile Beau, Caroline Bouissou and Mariusz Grygielewicz

DRAC Hauts de France © C. Bouissou

- Salle claire
- Subconscient
groupe de recherche Arts /Sciences : 7MA