The Grand Tour is an itinerary with artists of all disciplines. This year, 2021, we will leave llavorsi, Pallars and go to Bausen, Val d’Aran, Spain. We will leave on the 8th of August and we will be on the road until the 30th of August, each day a stage of 15 to 23 km and a meeting with an artist or a group of artists. It will be a Grand Tour in the mountains. On the road or on the paths, everyday: poetry, dance, installations, performances…

With the support of :
Nau Côclea / Fondació Jacint Verdaguer / Diputació de Barcelona / Generalitat de Catalunya

Artists :
Domingo Roc, Marta, Rosell Chust, Caroline Bouissou, Albert de Monbiedro, Zoé Balash, Salvador Giralt, Cicuta Projectes, Clara Garí…

© C. Bouissou

Bausen, Val d’Aran
Performance by Caroline Bouissou – “Nacer”
A walk punctuated by stories of births:
the birth of the man, of the landscape, of the bear…

© C. Bouissou

Tribute to Verdager, poet
actuations, history and declamations
© Zoe Balasch

Performance by Cicuta Projectes
with Ibrahim Diallo
tales of crossing the Mediterranean that intertwine
the one of David Meca (athlete ) and Ibrahim Diallo’s one (immigrant)

© C. Bouissou

© Cicuta Projectes