esthetic ecology / landscape / CAMERA LUCIDA

Installation for a sound room
air conditioner, heater, sand, halogen spots,
thick curtain, sound piece
Poster 120x160cm

Winner of a DRAC PACA creation grant
Recorded in Morocco
Exhibited for “Paisages mentales” Espacio Pirineo, Graus, Spain

Espacio Pirineo, Gaus, Espagne © C. Bouissou

Take off your shoes, on the floor a white limestone sand warms the feet.  “Camera lucida” is white and very bright, warm and dazzling like a sun on the contrary of a cinema room. The brightness of the halogen spotlights force you to close your eyes, the projection room is under your eyelids.

Espacio Pirineo, Gaus, Espagne © C. Bouissou

What we’re listening to: “Morgana”
Each one imagines, perceives, feels and waits for the mirage to appear, fata morgana is the fairy Morgana of the Arthurian legends that creates optical illusions and magic tricks.

© C. Bouissou


–  Pôle d’écoute boréal
– Le mirage
groupe de recherche Arts / Sciences : 7MA