experimentation / asymmetry / REFLECTION

glass, glass plates
variable dimensions

Article arts / sciences
Caroline Bouissou & Michel Petitjean, researcher, INSERM, Paris, France

Exhibition at the Côte d’Azur University with the AOEE research group

Université Côte d’azur © C. Bouissou

“Reflection” or the putting forward of an unsolved mathematical problem related to asymmetry.

Article published in HAL in collaboration with the researcher Michel Petitjean, Université Paris Diderot, MTi, INSERM UMR-S 973, France

Article by Michel Petitjean & Caroline Bouissou “Asymmetric Exchanges” published in HAL

Caroline Bouissou is a researcher associated with the multidisciplinary group AOEE (Asymetry, Origin, Evolution and Expression), which brings together mathematicians, physicists and geographers… An invitation for transdisciplinary dialogue in one of the most renowned scientific centres in France, at the Université Côte d’Azur.