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projet Nomade - frontière espagnole - Caroline Bouissou - mémoires courtes


colectiv project

I invite artists/authors to intervene in the glove compartment of my car and to accompany me on the road. To do this, I am doing a roadtrip with "carpoolers" (via blablacar), going from artist to artist. I start from Nice to Andorra-Brittany-Germany 21 cities - stages in all
Charlotte Pringuey Cessac

an invitation by Charlotte Pringuey Cessac

- Eva Vautier Gallery, Nice, France
- Espace d'art Métaxu, Toulon, France
- Château Vert, France
- Art edition Nomade project limited to 100 numbered copies (images and sounds)
Exchange and contraband of coins at the French-Spanish border
Nomadic Project stage. Es Sarnalhèrs

Simone Simon, Caroline Bouissou, Marco Godinho, Nicolas Daubanes, Laura Giordanengo, Catherine Burki, Albane Hupin ,Vincent Chenut, Manon Rolland, Gabrielle Conihl de Beyssac et Jules Guissart, Alban Morin, Florian de la Salle, Massimiliano Baldassari , Maëlle Labussière, Daniel Nadaud,,Anne-Laure Wuillai , Olivia Barisano, Charlotte Pringuey Cessac

Galerie Eva Vautier, Nice, France

Édition d’art projet Nomade

- Projet médit
- Penjing