dreamed ecology / botany / ORCHIDS

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Red pen drawings made with the left hand and blue pen drawings made with the right hand. 2 sketchbooks. approx. 200 drawings letter size, canson.
table, gloves

Orchids are flowers of perfect symmetry, this perfection is strange and alien to us.

Zygomorphy (from the Greek ζυγόν, zygon, yoke, and μορφή, morphed, form) is the characteristic of a flower that has bilateral symmetry. The flower is then said to be zygomorphic or monosymmetric.

Caroline Bouissou, researcher associated with the multidisciplinary group AOEE (Asymetry, Origin, Evolution and Expression), which brings together mathematicians, physicists and geographers... An invitation for transdisciplinary dialogue in one of the most recognised scientific centres in France, at the Université Côte d'Azur.

First Asymmetry Symposium, University Côte d'Azur (FR)

Article - Le Monde : "L’asymétrie est à l’origine de la vie"

Université Côte d'azur © C. Bouissou