dreamed ecology / botany / LESSIVE

© C. Bouissou



dipping, twisting, expanding space dipping in
gas, pot burner, essences and spices, fabrics, containers

The rain threatens, the tramontana has been blowing hard for a few days. The fabric is boiled in a pot of odours composed as the cooking progresses. Thick steam escapes, the fabric tingles and soaks. It is decanted and soaked again in the decoction until it is twisted to extract the coloured juices, and then laid on the ropes. The space is traversed by passing through the warm, moist vertical planes of fabric, which release their aromas.

NAU COCLEA, Art Centre, Saus (ES)

© C. Bouissou

© C. Bouissou

- Le parfum de la Colette
- Le Pôle d'écoute boréal
- groupe de recherche Arts /Sciences : 7MA