divination / magic / Mrs MADI

3 hours to 9 hours

Performed at
– RADIOPHONIC”, Les Brigittines, Brussels, Belgium
Centre for Contemporary Art of Movement and Voice
– 35h” at the Centre for Contemporary Art
Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Paris, France

Exhibited for
“Le Temps de l’Action – Acte 2”, Centre d’Art Villa Arson, Nice, France
Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Paris © C. Bouissou

“Mme Madi”, performance by Caroline Bouissou (FR)
Extralucid touches the unconscious, sublimates the questioning: unknown disease, luck at games, protection against enemies, business, unblessing, success, sexual impotence, makes you lose weight or gain weight, backache, future plans, helps lonely people to find a lover, exams, marriage, frigidity, physical and moral complexes, hair loss, …

An ephemeral radio live and in public, a 24-hour sound flow

“Starting from the radio, the festival opens on the “post radiophonic”: an attempt to apprehend new forms of language, sound expressions and modes of broadcasting that propagate beyond the will of control, propaganda or discourse. It is a radio in the making in which the three genres of radio art – fiction, documentary, sound creation – are approached in their pure or porous forms, through the theme of contamination. Press kit

Anna Friz, Tetsuo Kogawa, Anton Aeki, Knut Aufermann et Sarah Washington, Pierre De Jaeger, Etienne Noiseau, Ricardo Reis,Vincent Matyn et Patrick Thinsy, David Néaud, Caroline Bouissou, Bruno Abt, Raphaël Vens et Damien Magnette, Zoe Irvine et Mark Vernon, Jérôme Joy, Guillaume Rabusseau, Hadrien Peters, Mattieu Cornillie, Pascal Matthey, Rudy Servais, Bing Selfish et Simon Hanley, Chantal Dumas, Mario Gauthier, Michel Giroud, Ivann Franchi et Nicolas Horber, Luc Ferrari, DinahBird, Jay Needham, Clément Laloy, Guy Marc Hinant et Dominique Lohlé, Ici-Même

Invited by
Sonia Dermience et Carmelo Iannuzzo