group 7MA, we all have 7 million years - "Nous avons tous 7 millions d'années"

Multidisciplinary research group supported by the University Côte d'Azur (FR)

we all have 7 million years is a research group focused on memory and mental images, which combines art, archaeology and neuroscience, that Caroline Bouissou calls neuroarchaeology of images. It is a group of variable dimensions composed of a neuroscientist, a physicist, a doctor in prehistory, an artist and guests.

Questioning memory and its mechanisms opens up a vast field of research on the image, the image of the origin or the birth of images, and allows to deconstruct our relationship to them. The rise of neuroscience in recent years has led to an unprecedented development, opening up many new avenues for approaching art and creation differently. This project, assisted by the Villa Arson Art Centre, Nice, is supported by several other institutions. It involves Arts/Sciences collaborations and workshops in which creation is a motor of reflection.